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Moving Day Countdown

4-6 weeks to go

1. If your company is paying for your move, fill out the necessary forms.
2. Sketch a floor plan of your new home and prearrange furniture. This will make unloading and moving in easier and faster.
3. Arrange to transfer holdings from your current bank to your new one.
4. Arrange to transfer personal property insurance.
5. Check and clear any outstanding tax assessments.
6. Collect medical and dental records; ask your doctor and dentist to recommend colleagues in your new city.
7. Inventory your home in detail - try to include value and year of purchase.
8. Notify local utilities to turn off service after you leave. And request the utilities in your new city to turn on service before you arrive.
9. Change your address at the Post Office and arrange to have your mail forwarded. Also notify your church, temple, organizations, your children's schools, magazines, book and record clubs, etc.
10. Collect copies of children's school records.

2-3 weeks to go

1. Start any packing you're doing yourself.
2. List items for the movers to pack last and unpack first and the rooms you want them placed in. Confirm plans with your Carroll The Mover representative.
3. Dispose of anything that may leak or is flammable.
4. Have rugs and drapes cleaned; keep them in their protective wrappings.
5. Arrange for pre- and post-move appliance servicing. Carroll The Mover can do this for you.
6. Update your address book - be sure to pack your old phone book.
7. Fill and transfer prescriptions.
8. Return everything you have borrowed.
9. Make arrangements to transport your plants and pets, if necessary.

1 week to go

1. Pack and label items you're taking with you in the car, and those you want to have with you as soon as you arrive at your new home, such as medicines, valuables, clothing, a few dishes, soap, etc. Do not have them loaded in the truck.
2. Drain fuel and oil from lawnmowers and other power equipment
3. Use up or give away your frozen food supply.
4. Remove breakables, spillables and small items like jewelry from drawers.
5. Close your bank account and keep enough money to pay the driver when he arrives at your destination, unless your employer is paying for your move. You will need a certified check, cashiers check, bank check (drawn on a bank, signed by an officer), or cash.
6. Remove mirrors and pictures on the walls, and other wall accessories such as drapery rods, small appliances, etc.
7. Take a final, complete inventory.

The day before

1. Our packers usually pack on this day. Before you sign the packing form, verify the number of boxes packed, and that all services have been performed.
2. If you want certain items kept together in your new home, organize them so they'll be packed together.
3. Empty, defrost and dry out your refrigerator/freezer.

Moving day

1. Plan to eat out.
2. Strip beds.
3. Be at home when the movers arrive and throughout the process of moving out. If you can't be there, make sure we have in writing the name and phone number of the person you've authorized to take your place.
4. Tour your home with the driver to examine the goods to be moved.
5. Check the conditions of items as they're loaded.
6. After loading and before the driver has left, tour your home again to make sure nothing has been overlooked.
7. See that your new address and phone number are correct on the bill of lading.
8. Turn off all switches, lock all windows and doors. Give house keys to your real estate agent. Leave your new address in the house so the new owners can forward stray mail.
9. Be at your home when the driver arrives.
10. Be present to inventory your belongings off the truck.
11. Use your new home floor plan to assist the driver with proper furniture placement.
12. The driver will set up your beds.
13. Make arrangements for payment.
14. Relax! It went great and Carroll The Mover was with you all the way - moving your belongings safely and surely.

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